Could Samsung’s new patent filings ursher in the Galaxy Car?

Samsung's jk shin shows off the first Galaxy Phone at CTIA 2010

If you think about the trend Samsung has taken in the electronics industry, they have managed to successfully move from TVs to phones, and of late have ventured into watches, so what’s next for them after that, a car? Well according to a Wall Street Journal report  Samsung filed patents for parts that include a new electric motor and tires designed for an electric vehicle (EV).

The Korean consumer electronics giant’s vehicle that would be able to control the car based on your current medical condition, or based on your medical history.

We are not big fans of Patent filings at techjaja due to the fact that they are always a bit obscure. This is because they usually talk about the individual components and parts, without detailing out how the whole thing will blend together.  However, there is also a filing for creating car communications between drivers of this potential speculated Samsung EV.

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Of course you will have to trust Samsung on tying the operation of the car on its current line of galaxy devices as the EV, could know who you are based on the phone you carry. We expect a link between the Smartphone and the car could mean the EV’s dashboard interface mirrors what shows on a future Galaxy phone, including instant access to your music, contacts, and apps.

The other features the car would have, is the ability to know your meetings or appointments for the day and show the routes you need. At this point we can’t put anything past Samsung on its way to wanting to become the world’s technological giant an Electric car would be a far off dream for them.