2014 to usher in 3 GHz ARM processors


TSMC and GlobalFoundries, are currently working on a 20nm chip for their next generation ARM
based mobile processors to be unleashed by 2014.

The fastest mobile devices based on ARM at present are clocked at, 2.3 GHz achieved at 28nm and we can see this implementation in the anticipated  Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4i that are set to arrive in late 2013 or early 2014. With the promise of a  much smaller manufacturer node of 20nm we expect clock speeds of up to 3GHz.

This means 30% faster clock speed with 1.9 times better density at 25% less power consumption. If
the 20nm node is used, the ARM SoCs (System on Chip) will be eventually clocked at 3GHz with more transistors working on the graphics and a better battery life in the next generation SoCs.

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