Back to school 2014 Uganda campus

The first semester has began, freshers are in the vicinity and am sure most of the university students out there can’t wait to get to spend that pocket money on some lavishly gadgets and other gear. Of course there are those shady ones who have to cook up every reason to squeeze more dimes from their parents just to impress those hot babes they have always been eying with a cool campus room full of crazy gadgets. And it’s for this reason the team at techjaja wants to begin a Back to School 2014 guide, with comprehensive gadget recommendations to fit most budgets. Even for those who finished university, we assure that you’ll find some new gear worthy of a place in your newly rented house. Come into our white room of gizmos select one below and find out more.

Flat Screen TV

The feeling when you enter a camper’s room and you wonder if the chap works in some Gold mine. Its common sight to find Flat screen TVs and as low as UGX 380,000 you can get yourself a 22″ 3D HD TV Flat-screen or if you are a big spender you could go for a 40″ screen for about north of UGX 1.2m depending on the brand.

Just be sure not to stretch your pockets its just your first TV by the time you are done with campus there will be better models.


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For the hard core gamers who would love to invite friends over for a game or two once in a while you will have to make a choice between an XBOX or Sony Play Station. Obvious the more recent the version of any you chose the more money you will have to cough out. I recommend starting with a lower version if you are budget constrained. A PS can go as low as UGX 250k but what will drain you will be the games. With top games like FIFA 2014 going at around UGX 80k but most games will cost you about UGX 15k.

An XBOX 360 can go as high as UGX 600 -1.2m in price that’s why you will find few people who have them. XBOX games are also more expensive than the PlayStation but expect a good gaming experience from both platforms depending on the games you like to play.

Speakers/Sound System

There are times when you need to amplify your music or movie experience with some surround sound enhancements, you will definitely need to buy cool speaker. These come in all shapes colors and sizes. To enhance sound on your TV for that cinematic experience you will definitely need a sub-hoofer system and for the music fans a simple blue tooth  high quality speaker can suffice.

You can get your self a Beats Pill for as low as UGX 90,000 and for the budget conscious, you can buy Inix USB Multimedia Speakers which at about UGX 25,000 but don’t expect good sound quality when you decide to go this cheap.

You could also try JBL speakers as they also offer some of the best sound quality out there.

TV Box/Decorder

We all know traditional TV channels can get boring and Satellite TV can be expensive at times yet you need to watch your favorite channels like E!, BBC, National Geo, etc. And not all hostels have satellite TV connections.

You could buy a decoder from any TV provider with affordable packages. DSTV has that basic package with a month subscription of UGX 50,000. I would also  recommend Go -TV which offers TV packages for as low as UGX 25,500. Zuku Satellite TV offers new installation  and connection now at UGX 175,000 for 61 video channels and 38 audio.
You can also convert your GTV (Get Zuku Tv decoder) at UGX 93,000

Study the TV channels of each provider before you subscribe.


You don’t need to have the latest smartphone all we know you need to have a smartphone. And this is why, with the advent of IM chat apps like  WhatsApp or Viber being cheaper than SMS. Yes, the initial cost of the phone may be steep but you could save a lot on the costly SMS.

Huawei seems to offer the cheapest smartphones you could buy. A Huawei y300 costs about UGX 330,000. You can also look out for Techno Phones. For the power users, you can buy a second hand flagship phone like the Galaxy s4 or HTC One X at about UGX 1.3m.

All the best


There are too many laptops and too many choices out there. You can get a new cheap Acer laptop for a low as UGX 250,000. Too many shops along Kampala road you can go laptop hunting. Alternatively we have online e-commerce sites like Kaymu  where you could easily look for a laptop you can buy.

For your internet needs we always recommend looking for a wireless WiFi hotspot but if you like to be online all the time. You can check out modems from Orange, MTN and Smile for the best internet speeds.


For those who like to forgo the bulkiness of laptops and still want to get work done, I would recommend a tablet. Just like laptops they come in different sizes , brands and colors. If you really need one you don’t need to aim for the flagship expensive tablet. You will also have to choose the preferable OS for you. Android, iOS or Windows

Samsung makes the best low end tablets so far in its Galaxy Tab series and I would recommend those for Android users. But however if you are budget sensitive at UGX 238,700 but at that price don’t expect good performance.

Windows lovers can buy the Microsoft Surface tablet and iOS fan can  now get an iPad 2 which is now about UGX 1m.

Other Accessories

Other small tech accessories, include flash disks, fitness devices especially if you are going to keep feeding on rolex, chips chicken and other junk food. You could also consider getting yourself a backpack to keep your gizmos and books with you 24/7