Images of Nokia’s all aluminum Lumia leak: Code name “catwalk”


It an expected evolution for mobile companies to work on their next flagship phones, and Nokia is no exception. With the success of the Lumia 920 in its time for Nokia to follow up with a new device.What you see below are allegedly pictures of an upcoming Nokia Lumia phone known only by the codename ‘Catwalk’. The phone is expected to be crafted out of an aluminum  frame but with a plastic back. The plastic is useful in order not to reduce the radio signals  but the frame has strips near the top that suggest that Nokia is already using the frame as an antenna, the way Apple did on the iPhone 4/4S. Also the plastic back then is probably for wireless charging support.

From the sides of the phone we can spot the SIM slot, headphone jack and microUSB port on top and the power and volume control keys on the right. Near the bottom is the loudspeaker. On the back is the camera lens with a sizable hump and an LED flash. Seems they may de diverting away from the Lumia 920 back camera design. The hump suggests that the phone is either extremely thin or that the phone is using a particularly large sensor may be a PureView.

Not much else is known about this phone at the moment. The source seems to be very confident in this leak i hope its not just another prototype.