NO FM radio for the Galaxy s4!!! What’s up with that?


Just when we thought Apple is the only company allowed to pluck such daring moves, it seems Samsung is still peeping at Apple’s exam answer shit (read as copying). For their 2013 flagship, Samsung has decided to eliminate the FM Radio from their spec sheet. I know our readers out of Africa may not see why I rant about it but unlike in developed countries, local radio stations have unfortunately not entered the 21st century yet and the option to stream them online is not there yet. Besides people would not be well-situated streaming radio from the internet on a costly data bundles on 3G or 4G networks.


“What the hell are Samsung decision makers smoking?”

Initially when my friend Ibrahim told me about this I thought he was reading from one of those websites that leave out some of the specs of a device, but I have to give it to GSMArena as their info turned out accurate and on the spot.

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But what the hell the Samsung decision makers smoking? I always wonder what kind of design and spec decisions Samsung makes when creating a new high end device. An FM Radio chip costs less than $5 to incorporate into the Exynos Processor SoC, would really impact the cost of the already high-priced flagship phone? Would it impact the thickness or the aesthetics of the phone? Was its going to drain more power from the Octa-core processor? Not that Apple is the only one that can go away with it but I know of people of have dumped their iphones because it lacked is simple spec that their previous Android or Symbian phones had. I always wonder how Apple is able to put the FM Radio functionality in the ipod nano and it cannot do the same for the larger iphone. I start to wonder why Samsung, even after bumping up to a more 5 inch real estate they cannot have remember to put in an FM Radio.

From the research done by HIS iSuppli a market research firm is a global leader in market intelligence, providing comprehensive market research & industry reports on the electronics sector, they came up with a summary BOM and manufacturing costs for the different variants of the Galaxy S4. The most expensive of them costs about $244 I don’t
think it would cost that much to add an extra $5 for the FM radio or to activate the feature in software where the hardware exists.


Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru got an official statement from Samsung on the matter.

Our studies show a trend shift of interest to digital broadcasting, specifically – focus on listening to music content in social networks or on the channel YouTube. The flagship model of our products are focused on customers who use digital content, which use
modern formats and channels of information consumption. (translated from