Google Babbel: A rumored cross messaing platform that bring sanity to Google’s messaging madness

google HQ

Rumors of Google acquiring WhatsApp popular cross-platform messaging service had sprung early this month and both Google and the (head of business development) Head of Business Development at WhatsApp denied denied. Ahead of Google I/O 2013, another rumor seems to suggest that Google’s own homegrown cross messaging platform dubbed Google Babel is in the works.

Google Babel will tie together all of its existing communication products, from Google Talk and Hangouts to Voice and Google+ Messenger. If the rumors are correct, it will do everything from provide a single, synced conversation list across all your devices, to turn a group discussion into a Hangout video chat with a single touch. Seems the service will also be available on Android, Chrome, iOS, and inside the Gmail web client and such a move could change the messaging app landscape.

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Till Google I/O we are yet to see if the rumors are spot on.