20 key features and notes about the Apple Watch

Apple watch intro

Today Apple has thrown more light on its smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Here are the 20 key features and notes about the Apple Watch

1. Starting with timekeeping, Apple emphasized how accurate the watch is and also introduced new cool watch faces, we hope the  animated Mickey Mouse watch face won’t ruin your $10,000 gold watch, you can also add details to the face.

2. Lots of custom widgets for the faces: stopwatch, calendar, date are also present.

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3.You can swipe up for “Glances” to check quick info, like heart rate.

4. With the built-in speaker and microphone, you can receive calls on your watch and when you press the side button you bring up your friends.

5. There is a new technology called Digital Touch. It allows you to draw on your watch, and that touch will be animated on your friend’s watch exactly as you drew it.

6. Apple’s new smartwatch has all sorts of health features. At the end of the week, it sends you a little health report, with a new move target. It’s like having a coach on your wrist.

7. Any notification you can receive on your iPhone, you can receive on Apple Watch. You will receive notification like Sports scores, social media and breaking news.

8. You can press the crown to access Siri.

9. What comes as no surprise, You can use Apple Watch to pay for things using the company’s Apple Pay platform. You double-tap side button to bring up Apple Pay

10. You can Use the side button to send a text to your side piece

11. Any where you are in the UI press crown to go back to the home screen

12. Call a car on Uber

13. Okay, I do love the idea of Passbook boarding passes from airline apps

14. You can Shazam with Apple Watch

15. Amazing to think that today you have to use a key to enter a door, Here’s the thing about hotel room keys, though: they are usually thin pieces of plastic that do not require batteries. With your watch you can open a hotel room door.

16. Alarm.com app lets you control garage doors. It shows a live feed of the garage door with a button to open the door.

17. There is an Apple Watch app in iOS 8.2 to browse and download apps. Set up friends, and decide which notifications you want on your watch. And iOS 8.2 available today

18. It comes with 18-hour battery life in a typical day.

19. Apple Watch is split into three collections. First collection is the Apple Watch Sport. Silver or Space Gray. Will cost $349 for the 38mm Sport, $399 for the 42mm. Second is the Apple Watch, Regular Edition. Will range between $549 – $1,049 for the 38mm and $599 – $1,099 for the 42mm Prices depend on watch band. Lastly the Apple Watch Edition which starts at $10,000 making it Apple’s most expensive product ever.

20. All watches available on April 24th.