The 20 best Android apps used in Uganda in 2015

20 Best Ug Android apps 2015

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We’ve been busy downloading apps from the Google play store throughout the year and Google has released a list of the best apps it recommends from the Play Store on a regional basis. It’s a great way for Android newcomers to discover interesting apps they might want to install on their devices and for platform veterans to find apps that might have flown under their radar. This year’s list is out, divided in 8 categories of 5 apps each, with a few added at the top, but the choices are if anything, a little weird and as you may find may not reflect what we thought was on ground.

Pending on you country, you will see different lists. Some apps seem to be globally recommended like Skype, Google Photos, Twitch, and djay, while others will differ based on where you’re consulting the list from. In some regions, there might even be a “Made in” category, like “Made in the USA” or “Made in Arabia.” Don’t hold your breath for made in Uganda. These are the 20 best Android apps that Google thinks Ugandans used most in 2015. And the only thing they all have in common is that they are all free apps.

Best Ug Android apps 2015


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But from the looks of it, it seems that these lists where generated based on downloads, ratings, and popularity in their respective category. It doesn’t look like any apps were carefully curated at all. Questinabe apps like Dumsmush, rectica and Candy Camera should have been replaced with the obvious and mostly used apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Backgrounds HD somehow makes it into the personalization category both in the US and in Uganda, but despite the huge choice of wallpapers available in it, it’s nowhere near the best app among the competition. Backgrounds HD is just popular because it’s been on Android for years and has always stayed toward the top of the downloads list in its category.

All in all, we doubt you’d find anything really out of the ordinary in the Best of 2015 list, just popular apps getting more time in the spotlight instead of interesting and unknown choices.