15 great TV series on Netflix that you won’t be able to stream in Uganda

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[/blockquote]From George Orwell’s famous novel Animal Farm, there was a famous quote — ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,’ and Netflix seems to take this inequality to a different level according to our findings. You need not rejoice that we finally have Netflix in Uganda, some of the TV series on Netflix you have been dying to watch might be on the “will not be available in Uganda” list. Most people are still wondering why some of Netflix’s own original content features on this list of missing titles. Those traveling to Uganda from other countries like the USA where Netflix airs most if not all its shows must know what they will be missing out once they arrive in the pearl of Africa.

In each country, Netflix offers different shows and movies and there are several important reasons for the service disparities when crossing borders. The bottom line is that just as Netflix is in the business of streaming video to its users around the world, the studios are in the business of earning profits on their content. With current copyright laws and agreements in the US, Netflix negotiates with each studio to arrange specific agreements to stream titles in each territory.

Where as the company has sunk so much money and effort into making itself into the number one destination for on-demand content that it isn’t just a place to watch things, it also creates them. What has beaten everyone’s understanding is why some original Netflix TV shows like Orange is the new Black are blocked in Uganda and other African countries. The answer is simple, where as they own the distribution rights to this consent, there is the issue of censorship.
Last week, the Verge’s Ross Miller asked Netflix CEO Hastings about the company’s policy with regard to such censorship, and he didn’t exactly give a straight answer:

“As to your question about… different versions like “airplane cuts,” we’ll have to see and we’ll have to learn. I think entertainment companies have to make compromises over time… the thrust of what we’re trying to do is have the artistic vision be consistent through the world.” Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, added that this isn’t a new issue for studios “so we’ll just have to do the same,”

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In addition to globally distributed movies and TV shows, Netflix already has geographically specific content geared toward different countries and territories. After our full hand on review with the on-demand streaming service, we discovered that some titles are missing. This is why we have created the Techjaja list for the 15 greatest TV shows you will miss on UG Netflix now, but are available in other countries like the US.

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List of TV series on Netflix that are censored in Uganda


1. Arrested Development
2. Better Call Saul
3. Orange is the new black
4. House of Cards
5. Breaking Bad
6. Community
7. Fargo
8. Firefly
9. Fringe
10. Homeland
11. Luther
12. Person of Interest
13. Sons of Anarchy
14. The Thick Of It
15. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia