100.2 Galaxy FM Radio App Review

100.2 Galaxy FM

I was flipping through FM radio apps on the Google play store last week, and I came across 100.2 Galaxy FM Radio App developed by the Blue Clube limited a software development company in Uganda. I rarely review FM radio apps and by the time I take off a few days to test one, especially a locally made app, that means there is  something about the app that makes it standout. I know most of the Android and feature phone users must be pondering why one would bother to waste their precious data bundle to listen to online streaming radio yet they have a native FM radio station app that comes incorporated in your phone by default.  FM radio streaming Apps are necessary, but for iPhone or latest flagship Galaxy Phone owners your choices are a bit limited; as you opted for a phone brand that is unapologetically anti-FM radio. In my opinion a radio app is only necessary for those who live in the diaspora or those up-country as they feel closer to home yet far from it, I also have to admit that when I travel out of the country, Ugandan music is my number one preference. So ask yourself, is this app worth it? This is the 100.2 Galaxy FM Radio App Review

As Ugandans transit slowly into the digital age, 100.2 Galaxy FM has become among the few radio stations to stand out from the hundreds of Radio Stations in the country. With a huge social media following, ranked number one in Uganda’s top performing Radio stations according to Facebook data with over 240k page likes, Galaxy FM aims to expand its horizons with this one. Basing on social media stats, this is the preferred FM radio station for urban youth in and around Kampala between 18 and 35 years of age and hopefully will give Galaxy FM a bigger following in the diaspora with the release of this app.

User Interface & Features

100.2 Galaxy FM user interface

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With no subscription or phone number required, one can listen to this FM Radio from the instant streaming catalogue anywhere over a WiFi signal, as well as a 3G and 4G-LTE connection. To use the app, all you need to do is download it from the Google Play store on your Android phone open the app and you are good to go (No subscriptions or SignIn required). That’s it.

It starts with the red beautiful radio icon, that stands out in the Play Store. This App has one of the most minimalistic user interface (UI) I have seen so far — with easy to use — Play, Pause and More on-screen buttons. The More button takes you to the latest news and full schedule at the Station’s website plus they also spiced it up with links to their social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These three social icons (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) do the obvious, nowadays a company’s brand is a good as the number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers its has (social media presence) .


Galaxy FM_More

Now keep in mind that this app is still under development which is evident in the random service cut-offs (not due to buffer) and lack of basic features like a simple way to exist the app. I had to kill the app  from running in the phone’s multitasking menu. It’s later that I go to understand that the pause button will also stop the app. In my view, I would rather prefer they use a Stop symbol than a pause — since in actual sense — you cannot pause live radio anyway. But that’s just me being picky. But other-than that and a few times when you cannot access the live stream the app works fine the way its meant to.

Network required

Unlike TV streaming apps most Radio streaming apps won’t demand a lot on the type of network you use to access it. The Galaxy FM radio app streams beautifully, with almost crisp  sound, and no stuttering with a reliable connection. We however experienced sporadic radio streaming cut offs which was not due to poor network, but as we said before the app is still under development (version 1.1) and hope such issues will be sorted out.  With Wi-Fi, the app works great, streaming over 3G or 4G LTE will make a better experience of course this depends on your mobile wireless network.

We have to keep in mind that for any streaming service, expect some buffering especially, if you’re in an area where phone service signal strength fluctuates. Buffering works in such a way that you can get your fill of entertainment fairly seamlessly, provided the signal flickers into the three to four bar range at least once every 30 seconds, give or take a few.

Is it worth your Data Bundle?

We all know that media streaming apps have a high affinity for data and in my time trying out how this app, I loaded 250 MB currently costing UGX 10,000 ($ 3.7) worth of Orange data on a 4G- LTE connected HTC One M8 and I was ready to stream away. In a period of 20 minutes I was able deplete 7 MBs of data.  Now lets look at the big picture,  if it’s really worth your money. With simple extrapolation this means 250MB would probably have lasted for 11 hours.

In 11 hours

250 MB of data depleted

UGX 10,000 ($ 3.7) spent

As part of our tips to save on mobile data we always advice to use a steady wi-fi connection. On the battery side of things during the same 20 minutes the battery life depleted from 96% to 93% so depending on your device’s battery consumption pattern take note of this. See our review rating and summary below.


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