10 XBox One Games to look forward to in 2016

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[/blockquote]Microsoft’s XBox One owners are yet have a great 2016. In the gaming world, this year expect to see more of virtual reality headsets, ones capable of playing fantastic games, will be on store shelves and in people’s homes, unleashing entirely new kinds of interactive experiences.

Expect to see some of these games in 2017 or later due to the nature of game development. In fact, some of the games on this list are ones we were excited to play last year. But even if some see delays, 2016 still looks to be a very impressive 12 months of new games for Xbox One owners. These are the 10 XBox One Games to look forward to in 2016.


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Adrift– 2016

Real, honest-to-goodness virtual reality games are finally coming, and few are as exciting as Oculus Rift launch title Adrift. The game, which puts you in the role of a stranded astronaut trying to survive on a destroyed space station, will also be available as a standard non-VR game, but it becomes something very special — and terrifying — when you strap on a pair of goggles.

Battleborn ( May 3rd)

What do you get when you mix the RPG / FPS hybrid Borderlands with a competitive multiplayer game like Dota 2 or League of Legends? The answer looks a lot like Battleborn, the latest genre-defying release from Gearbox Software.

Below ( 2016)

The studio that co-developed the beloved mobile game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is back with another moody adventure, but one that delves deeper into role-playing game-like action. Think of it like Dark Souls crossed with Sworcery, with an added emphasis on cooking soup to survive.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III ( April 12th)

The Souls series took a bit of a detour with the gothic Bloodborne, but things get back to normal with the third installment in April. Expect the same brutal action as past games, but a lot faster and a lot weirder.

Crackdown 3

The explosive sandbox action of Crackdown is making its long-awaited return this year — but this time it’s powered by Microsoft’s cloud technology for even greater destruction.


A high-definition video game that looks like a 1920s cartoon, Cuphead is intriguing based on style alone. Just be warned — it looks cute, but it’s hard.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (August 23rd)The sequel to the groundbreaking Deus Ex: Human Revolution doesn’t change the formula too much. Expect the same blend of stealth, combat, and cyberpunk augmentations, only on a much bigger scale, and with more freedom to tackle problems however you want.

Dishonored 2

We still don’t know a lot about the sequel to the wonderful stealth-action game Dishonored, which takes place 15 years after the original. But the four-year wait in between games has been long enough, and we’re ready to hop back into Dunwall.


The Hitman 2016

Hitman (March 11th)

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen a new Hitman game — not including the inventive mobile spinoff Hitman Go — a series about pulling off cold-blooded murder with brutal efficiency. The new prequel will continue the trend toward giving you lots of freedom in terms of how you go about your job, offering large sandboxes to explore and multiple routes to take.

Mass Effect: Andromeda ( December)

The next chapter in the sci-fi role-playing series remains a mystery. We’ve seen a few pieces of concept art and a brief trailer with a western vibe, but beyond that EA and Bioware are keeping everyone guessing.

Quantum Break (April 5th)

Despite being announced three years ago, Quantum Break remains a bit of a mystery. A video game / TV show hybrid from the studio behind Alan Wake, it’s an ambitious release, but questions remain about how the different parts will work together, and whether they’ll blend seamlessly. But after several delays, we should finally be able to find out in April.

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