10 Must have Gadgets when on Safari in Uganda

Safari Gadgets
Tourist enjoy the wild in Uganda

Getting ready for a safari adventure in Africa but you can’t just decide what gadgets to bring with you? Uganda also known as the Pearl of Africa has a variety of beautiful go to places to visit. These include the vast beautiful National Game Parks, Traditional sites like recently renovated Kasibi Tombs, Waters rafting and bungee jumping at the River Nile in Jinja, Mountain Climbing or Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi impenetrable forest name it we seem to have it. Uganda is a great destination for Safari .

When traveling throughout Uganda, every traveler should equip themselves with several gadgets, accessories, and portable power banks to enjoy their trip. So the team at techjaja wants to assist you with the 10 Gadgets you MUST have in your backpack when going for Safari in Uganda.

1. Binoculars

For bird watching especially those who plan to visit Uganda’s gorgeous Game parks, a pair of binoculars must come in handy. You have to get binoculars which are perfect for travel, wildlife viewing and able to hold their own as birding binoculars. For birders as well as hunters and general wildlife observers, you will really appreciate the extra wide field of view through binoculars like Minox, Vangaurd, or the Celestron.

2. Digital Camera

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Perhaps this is the most obvious must have gadget for any safari, you would love to take good high quality still photos and videos when you are water rafting, bungee jumping or mountain climbing during your trip. For the professional photographer, whether you settle for a point and shoot camera or high end DSLR camera it should be able to take those pictures in HD. For amateur photographers however, your smartphone or tablet camera would suffice. As a recommendation, I would settle for a DSLR camera from Nikon, Cannon or Sony point and shoot RX series.

3. Mosquito Repellent device

Not a fan of messy lotions and sprays? All travelers coming to Uganda should know that Malaria kills. Mosquito traps are great but you can’t take them with you to go camping, hiking, biking or on a picnic – the best defense for those situations is a good repellent.

These devices don’t kill mosquitoes – they do nothing to permanently reduce your mosquito population, but they do create a small, temporary “no bug zone”. We recommend the Lentek Bite Shield MM30C or Thermacell Mosquito Repellent .

4. Smartphone

When traveling to Uganda keep in mind that we have all sorts of mobile networks right from 2G, 3G and also 4G LTE networks, so come with an unlocked phone. Most of the Safari lodges have internet connection over WiFi, so getting in touch with your friends back home is a breeze. Some of you will find yourselves using your phones as dedicated cameras especially if you have the latest Galaxy, Lumia or Sony Xperia smartphone.

These devices can be used  keep up-to-date with social media, and ultimately search for popular destinations to visit in Uganda. Remember your phone should have a flashlight/torch.

5. Portable Power Charger

When traveling throughout certain areas of Uganda, reliable electricity might be a challenge so charging your device becomes problematic – this is true especially in the more remote and rural areas.

In order to keep your devices powered up at all times, a Power Bank Portable Power Supply is a must to keep your Smartphone, Tablet juiced up.

These Power reserves come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We recommend a higher capacity power bank, something in the North of 10,000mAh . But always be sure to check whether the output voltage of the power bank is compatible with your device.

6. Laptop/Tablet & USB Flash Memory Stick

A laptop or Tablet is essential for travelers, here you get to blog your trip and also stay online with your friends on social media. You must have a USB memory stick as well to back-up your data just in case anything happens, this is paramount especially if you don’t believe in storing your media on Google Plus, Facebook, Drop box or any of these other cloud storage platforms. Any laptop of your choosing can work, but when it comes to tablets the most reliable one of course is the iPad, we are not saying a Microsoft Surface or an Android tablet won’t suffice but hey the Cupertino devices have always proven themselves to be superior.

7. WiFi Hotspot

Want to stay connected? There are is a high probability that you may find yourself in a few remote areas, with cellular coverage, which may not offer Wi-Fi hotspots. With the high cost of data roaming fees you need to buy a local data SIM card of the local telecom provider with an a appropriate data bundle depending on your data needs and how may WiFi devices you have.

To eliminate not having a Wi-Fi connection, travelers should equip themselves with a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

8. A GPS Navigation Device

Getting lost in the wilderness is one of my worst fears but thanks to GPS technology that is no longer a problem. A GPS (Global Positioning System) device will always tell you where you are at any one point in time. Most smartphones have a GPS chip incorporated in them but if you don’t have one, then it would be wise to pack one.

Make sure you download updated high resolution maps of Uganda, to guide you through as you enjoy your wild safari experience. This will provide you with easy navigation. Recommended GPS devices include any good make of a Garmin or TomTom GPS.

9. Electronic Travel Mug & Cooler

For those who will be in for camping in the great outdoors in the wild of Uganda. Whether you are camping out at the foot of Mount Rwenzori, or taking in the sights and sounds of the mountain gorillas on the border of Uganda and Rwanda – a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer or soft drink is always essential depending on the weather.

These are all great for bonding with fellow travelers and the locals during your safari. I don’t recommend bulky plastic coolers. Orvis travel coolers can be folded in your luggage and unfolded when you need them. As for the mugs you can get a good Excalibur Electronic USB Travel Mug.

10. Health Tracker /Smartwatch

Last year, I wrote an article predicting how 2014 will be the year of wearables like Smartwatches and other fitness tracking devices. If you have one don’t leave it back home. Keeping your fitness in check is always a must.

In order to keep your health in check, a heart rate monitor as well as a temperature gauge is great all of which you can find in Smartwatches. There are many devices that can do just that, from Samsung’s Tizen based watches, Android wear or other fitness trackers.

Other Non-Tech Tips

1. Always travel with some Water and snacks with you like a chocolate bar

2. Bargain for everything.

3. Spread your money out.

4. Try to Eat local, it’s cheaper

5. Portable First Aid box is always a good idea

6. Carry a hat for the hot sun

7. Listen and make friends locally Ugandans are welcoming and loving people

So do you have any tech and non- tech tips to give to others please drop them in the comment section below.