10 Facebook Pages where you can buy or sell your used or new Tech Gadgets in Uganda

Remember when that gadget or vehicle you once had was new, shiny, vibrant, and full of life? Remember how magnificent it was? Those days are gone: Your device is now a scuffed, marred shell of its former glory, especially now that you’re involved with that shiny newer device you just got. Alternatively, do you have gadget merchandise or stock and you want to sell off or you just want to expand your online shop?

In a country where there are a few online shops; there was a need for people come up with other online shop alternatives. But where’s the best place to sell or buy used or new tech gadgets? Will you have to keep your devices in good shape so you get maximum resale value? The good news is that these paramount questions don’t have complicated answers.

With a little know-how, of using social media advertising, especially Facebook, you can easily get a healthy return on your old or new gear and continue trading with ease. Here are the top 10 Facebook Pages where you can buy or sell your used or new Gadgets in Uganda in order of popularity (the total number of members).

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1. Liquidation Uganda

  • Liquidation Uganda is a resource that helps you buy or sell anything instantly. Buyers and sellers can source or advertise commercial inventory and assets in an online environment.
  • One of the largest following with over 121, 950 members
  • They allow to take them item at their offices and try to make an over the counter offer for whatever item you bring Spot cash payment is made upon valuation of property.
  • Products purchased at Liquidation include: Laptops, Phones, Computers, Monitors, Dvd Players,Tv Sets, Woofers, Tablets, Mobile phones, iPods, Zunes, Radios, Cameras, Gas cylinders, and many others.
  • Online presence at  http://www.liquidationuganda.com/
  • It’s an Open Group and anyone in the Group can accept your invitation request

2. Zillion Club Classified

  • Just like other groups, this one gives everyone the freedom to sell or buy products/services without paying for using the platform
  • Boasts with over 67,000 members
  • Closed Group only Admin can accept your invitation request

3. Trade Links Africa

  • One of the Oldest Facebook Pages in Uganda with over 48,000 members
  • Open Group
  • You can sell anything not limited to Gadgets only
  • Please note they allow advertising other  pages/groups

4. Kings Salesmen Africa

  • Kings Salesmen Africa is a trade group that brings the seller and potential buyers together. It’s an electronic 24hour solution to your searches,sales,purchase advertisements at no cost.
  • Has 29, 764 members
  • Closed Group only Admin can accept your invitation request

5. Online trading Uganda

  • With no terms and conditions in his group, you can trade all your items freely online and enjoy the joy of business
  • Has about 14,365 members
  • Open Group

6. Smart Gadget Uganda

  • Smart Gadgets is an innovative online platform that connects buyers and sellers, of various kinds of high end products.
  • Has over 14, 500 members
  • Open Group

7. Dondolo Market

  • Dondolo is a local term for affordable thus the name of the group Affordable Market
  • Has over 8,123 members
  • Open Group

8. Trading Posts Africa

  • Trading Posts Africa only links potential buyers and sellers online for purposes of business and trade at no charge or commission.
  • It also includes the buying, Selling, swapping, inquires and advertising Products, Services, Hire and Events
  • Has 7,900 members
  • Open Group

9. Tech-Uganda

  • As the name of the group, this is a simple sell and buy tech one stop shop
  • Has 4,000 members
  • Open group

10. Appliances for sale

  • Over 3,860 members
  • Open Group

We know there are other popular pages that have not made our top 10, like Black Market Uganda  or Blackberry World and SmartPhones feel free to leave a comment section below about other similar pages.