Tired of the same old Android Apps on your phone? Perhaps you would want to explore more cool Android Apps this festive season. We’ve manged to find 10 apps that you just need to download on your Android device. Apps that are so useful, interesting or fun that you don’t know how you lived without them. These are the 10 Android Apps that you just need to download.

1Energy Bar

So number one is energy bar, it might sound as something you just had after an intensive work out, but its an extremely useful app. It essentially displays you battery information in a more mini small small bar on top of your phone. It overlays across any app. So even if you are playing a game you can track how much battery you have left without leaving it to check the notification panel on the home screen. It has a tonne of customization; you can change the thickness, which side it starts from and you can even change the colors it represents for each different batter percentages. It is a free app and you can download it here.

2Fleksy Keyboard

It is a new kind of Android Keyboard they you might want to give a try. And between this and my SwiftKey keyboard app, its fast becoming my number one used keyboard. First of all its great to type on, as you can type really fast and auto-corrects at just the right amount. It neither over does it nor under do it. It recommends you GIFs and emojis after each word you type and it is also extremely customizable. There is user made skins and pre-made ones and it looks pretty clean as well. And they have also even buildin some pretty cool gestures, like being able to delete the last word just by swiping left. And then something else which you don’t seem to see on a lot of keyboards is the ability to install plugins. This like shortcuts, hotkeys, and tonnes more. You can try it free here.


Just before we carry, on a quick science lesson. Your body is actually adapted to see different colors of light at different times of the day. So, towards the evening time your body expects a red-hue of light and that’s exactly what Twilight tries to create on your smartphone. People who view a lot of bright screens towards the evening time, they actually tend to have trouble sleeping and it strains your eyes. So this removes the blue light and replaces it with the much pleasing red-hue and helps you sleep better towards the night. It should be noted that it takes away the appeal of your phone as its not be best way to show off your shinny new Super AMOLED screen. But at the same time, it does do what it’s meant to do and its got a several settings and tweaks to let it work for you. Try it free here.


Google Allo is a brand new messaging app made by Google and its just amazing. It is very similar to WhatsApp or Telegram and it is totally free. They got some interesting new features. To start with, anytime during a message you can type @google and it launches the Google Assistant which is pretty smart actually. It can do things like tell you sports updates, arrange movie bookings in supported countries and it has all the things you would expect in a standard messaging app like the ability to send videos, GIFs and pictures. It also got whispering and shouting so you can change the size of your text depending in what mood you are in. And you can also start incognito chats, kind of like SnapChat where after a certain amount of time,  the chats disappear. You can download it from here.

55. Nova Launcher

In terms of customizing your phone, this app will do a lot more for you for just less than UGX 4,000.  Personally there is no better app to use than Nova Launcher, it is fast fluid and accepts any icon pack and theme you can download. There is a free version, but considering that this is going to be the main application that drives your whole mobile experience, it think its worth paying the UGX 3,600  for the pro version. It’s got lots of tweaks , settings and you can pretty much create any look you want to. You can download it from here.


Now that you got your shinny new Launcher, you can also get other add-ons to install on it. And something I’d recommend you try out is retrorika, which is one the coolest icon packs, I’ve ever tried. It gives off an ‘antique-ish’ and disaturated look but the quality of the icons is really high. It works on just about any Launcher so even if you don’t go for Nova it should still work of you. So I have been through a lot of different icon packs and the reason this is one of my favorite is because every single icon even then ones which aren’t officially supported, it brings them in line with the ones that are supported. It does this by applying the same color filters to them so they all look uniform and it has also bundled in a pretty cool pack of wallpapers. If you have less than UGX 4,000 to spend, you can try it out here.


This is one of the coolest artistic/ photo editing app on the market. It doesn’t have a detailed in-depth set of tools it not going replace your adobe Photoshop or default smartphone photo editor by any means, but can basically crop and apply any filters. And the filters it offers are very good. Its got a very unique look to it and the filters are just so drastically different that its almost fun to just load up any photo, play around with the different filters and see what output you can achieve. You can download it for free here.

8Material Notes

Everyone needs a Notes app. They are simple and used to remind us of things we’d like to remember after sometime. It could be a checklist or just a reminder to do some exercise. Each note can be given its own color and placed on the home screen as a widget. You can then edit, add stuff to it or mark as finished.  You can download it for free here.

9Folio for Facebook

This a great way of having Facebook, Google+, and Instagram all in one app

Folio Free includes Facebook mobile website wrapped in a beautifully designed Material Design styled app. With Folio Free, you’ll always be notified of new notifications and messages once you’ve turned on notifications within the settings menu. You have a total of four themes to choose from with Folio.

Don’t want to install the Goolge+ app to have a “native” feeling while browsing your interests and communities? Now you don’t have to. Folio includes Google+ out of the box.

Don’t want to install the Instagram app to have a “native” feeling while browsing your favorite pictures of cats? Now you don’t have to. Folio includes Instagram out of the box.

You can download it for free here.


This is a great Twitter client. For those of you who don’t know a twitter client is basically replaces the original twitter app in a much more customizable interface. This does everything that Twitter does and more, for example when just scrolling through your new feed, GIFs play automatically, external links to things like YouTube and websites are presented in a much better way and the customization is just vast. You can change the entire way this application looks. The colors, themes, layouts, everything can be changed. Its just awesome. Its a paid app and you can try it here.