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Nokia branding to be replaced with Microsoft Lumia

by Techjaja Staffon October 21, 2014
After all the waiting and anticipation, Microsoft has finally started giving hints about its plans to kill off the Nokia and Windows Phone brands as we saw last month. Microsoft Lumia will replace the Nokia brand name --this comes after a slow transition from over to Microsoft's new mobile site.
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Want to switch from iOS 8 to Android 5.0 Lollipop? Google has a guide for you

by Roger Bambinoon October 21, 2014
If for any reason you feel like Apple's latest iOS 8 doesn't cut doesn't for you? Or more so, the latest iPhones are not your thing? I guess it's high time for you to look at the other side of the fence.Google knows Android is the answer.The company has published a guide to help you switch from iOS to its newest platform, Android Lollipop.

A chat with Mike Moyer :Tech-prenuer & Author

by Techjaja Staffon October 21, 2014
Mike Moyer Author of Slicing Pie: Funding a bussiness with no funds talks to techjaja about how to equally divide roles in a start-up as part of his slicing the pie strategy and how to make money with no funds.

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What do you do when everyone wants a piece of Pie?

by Peter Byoonabyeon October 21, 2014
Slicing the pie, more so when every one wants a piece and you are not King Solomon will definitely not come easy. So how do you go about slicing this pie? This was the question at the first start-up grind event that was hosted in Kampala to mark the annual Google for entrepreneurs week running from October 20th to 25th.
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UCC blocks Orange Uganda sale

by Ronald Kasaggaon October 20, 2014
Uganda's telecommunication regulator, UCC early this month halted the sale of Majority shareholding in Orange Uganda to Africell holdings. This a sharp U -turn after the same commission okay-ed the sale in August this year. UCC's latest move comes as no surprise. This comes after the former employees of Orange Uganda sued the company through the legal services of M/S OWEN MURANGINRA & CO Advocates to recover their benefits as stated in their appointment letters from Orange Uganda before the sale if affected.
Apple kills the SIM card

I predict the death of the SIM card thanks to Apple

by Roger Bambinoon October 20, 2014
Apple’s current move against SIM cards may have no effect to mobile phone users in Africa today, but trust me the way other manufactures adopt Apple’s ideologies — it would be no surprise to see a SIM card-less smartphone in the next few years. A SIM ... I predict the death of the SIM card thanks to Apple. Wondering how it will affect mobile users in Africa? Read on.

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