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The novermber man

‘The November Man’ review

by Techjaja Staffon August 27, 2014
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“You’re definitely going to love this one”, is what Roger Donaldson the Movie Director said in one of his quick comments about ‘The November Man’. Well I said to myself I can only check it out to prove he’s not wrong about his claims. When I checked out the trailer, it brought to mind a scenario where a smart student is faced with a challenge against his old teacher but furthermore it enlighten me
minister john nasasira

Uganda doesn’t own it’s Internet Domain Name: MPs Want to know Why

by Farooq Gessa Mousalon August 27, 2014
Most countries secure and own their own internet domain names and in Uganda the reverse is true. Apparently a private company owns Uganda’s Internet domain name — This code is reserved for a country, something seen as threat to national security if it's in the hands of private citizens or firms. According to the Daily Monitor, the MPs put the ICT minister John Nasasira to task and explain how a private company, i3c, formerly, known as Computer Frontiers, came to own the nation's domain name. Mr Xavier Ky...

MTN To Boot Over 847 Managerial staff

by Techjaja Staffon August 27, 2014
MTN one of Africa's largest telecom company has reportedly issued downsizing notices to over 847 managerial staff members as the mobile sector faces a slow growth and increased competition. The MTN group has flourished rapidly in the past two decades in Africa and in the Middle East but is facing tight competition in South Africa as Vodacom is giving them a run of their money.

BoU's Justine Bagenda Centenary Bank MD, Fabian, CEO interswitch at the launch

MTN and Centenary Bank Launch Mobile Money ATM Withdraw Service

by Roger Bambinoon August 26, 2014
Today MTN Uganda has expanded on it's massively used mobile money platform in partnership with Centenary Bank. The new service will enable MTN mobile money users withdraw money from any Centenary bank ATM with their phones and no ATM card required, a service they have achieved with Interswicth recently. Mr Phrase Lubega General Manager Distribution at MTN said in his remarks that,
fiber cable

TATA and Roke TeleKom sign Fiber cable deal to spark Internet Usage in Uganda

by Techjaja Staffon August 25, 2014
Last week, Tata communications and Roke TeleKom singed an extendable three year deal to connect Uganda to vast undersea fiber cable network, with a 500,000km undersea cable network, the largest independently managed in the world.
Swing Coptor

Creator of Flappy Bird has a New Game called Swing Coptor and its equally addictive

by Farooq Gessa Mousalon August 25, 2014
At some point we all played Flappy Bird , a very addictive game that was pulled off the app stores with the main reason that it was addictive. This time the creator of Flappy bird Dong Nguyen has created a new game named Swing Coptor a game which is equally very addictive and it is ready and for Android mobile devices.

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