new playstore

New Visually Appealing Android Play Store is Currently Rolling Out (Try it Now)

by Roger Bambinoon July 23, 2014
The latest visually appealing Google Play Store is being rolled out and it looks like you won't have to wait long at all to check out it's remake. According to Google's Play Store twitter account, the new update is
Satya Nadella

Microsoft eyes a Unified Windows Operating System

by Roger Bambinoon July 23, 2014
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has today confirmed that his company will join all major versions of Windows into a single operating system. During the company's quarterly earnings call today, Nadella told analysts that Microsoft intends "streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single
save later facebook feature

Facebook Introduces ‘read later’ Feature

by Techjaja Staffon July 22, 2014
Facebook has launched a new feature that lets it's mobile and Web users save things they want to read or view later. According to the company's blog, the Save feature, is a bit like the bookmarks that

african mum

Digital Moms envisioned for Better Healthcare in Africa

by Techjaja Staffon July 22, 2014
In this era of digital technology, a new initiative that aims to improve maternal and child health and nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa is being launched in September 2014.....The moms will be registered and will then receive nutrition and healthcare support through mobile technology, a service that will be provided for free.

MTN Celebrates Holy Month with Moslems around Kampala

by Farooq Gessa Mousalon July 21, 2014
Muslim communities in Kibuli and Old Kampala Mosques received assortment of food items and Ramadan gift hampers from MTN Uganda as part of the Company’s holy month give-back drive and association with the Muslim community.
Who is the best internet data provider in Uganda

Weekly Tech Poll: Who is the Best Internet Data Provider in Uganda?

by Farooq Gessa Mousalon July 21, 2014
The Race To Dominate Uganda's Internet Data Market....And now we get to elephant in the room, the race to know which ISP (Internet Service Provider) among the big telcos in Uganda is best at giving the best data service. Vote below.

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